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Mortgage Advice

Our mortgage service not only achieves the best rates available it also removes all the stress and paperwork involved with securing a mortgage. Our advisers are all specialists in this area and have been successfully securing mortgages for our clients regardless of the economic climate.
The process involved is also very simple and straight forward. First we arrange an introductory meeting so we can establish the levels of credit you will achieve and also the type of mortgage that will best suit your requirements.
This is all done free of charge and if you don't wish to take things any further then that is entirely acceptable.
If you are happy to proceed to the next stage, it involves us reviewing all your information and designing a competitive mortgage package that is bespoke to your personal requirements. With the nature of mortgages often being required quickly we can action the entire process in a very short period of time. You won't even have to talk to the bank, it's all taken care of for you.
We can help you to better understand the wide range of mortgages that are out there and demystify what is actually being offered. All too often people sign up to a mortgage package that they haven't fully understood and this can have a significant impact on their finances further down the line. We can also secure very competitive deals as we continually keep up to date with this highly competitive market. Even if you find that you have an adverse credit rating we can help secure a mortgage for you.
Buy to Let
We are specialists in the buy-to-let market and can bring to you an invaluable amount of experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise the opportunities. This can be an especially hazardous area and requires a strategy that maximises your return. Our expert team of advisers are available to guide you through the best approach and will also share with you case study evidence of strategies that have worked as well as anecdotal evidence of where the challenges lie.
Self Build
A lot of people dream about building their own home from scratch and this can prove to be a very cost effective way to gain the type of home that may otherwise prove unaffordable. But again this type of venture requires meticulous planning and financial management. Contingencies need to be factored in and the mortgage type can make all the difference. With our advice and guidance we can present all the facts and opportunities in a way that will arm you with everything you need to know prior to making any final decisions.
Adverse Credit
There can be nothing more stressful that having a great opportunity slip because someone who you will never likely meet has deemed your credit worthy-ness to be less than perfect. We can help in this area and put forward a strong case on your behalf to secure that much needed mortgage.

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